You're busy. You don't have time to do it yourself. You just need the best Apple Specialist that's seen and done it all. And, you need him, yesterday!

I've been an Apple Specialist for over 30 years and can help, advise and train on any of your Apple Mac, iPhone or iPad devices.

By simply booking a remote session, I'll take a look at the issue and find the right solution quickly and simply.

• Available remotely

• 1:1 Secure private session

• 7 days of email support

All prices excluding taxes.

Kia has helped create order from chaos in our family Apple configuration: organising photos, assuring all files are Cloud protected, mess between users on Macs and Apple accounts resolved, etc.

Maarten de Groof
Jasper van Ouwerkerk

Definitely recommend to anyone wanting professional, efficient and friendly service. Expect quality service, good communication and timely turn around.

Francesca Nardocci
Shahrukh Khalid

Great guy, great humor and solves the problems on my mac that needed to be fixed so I do not waist any time looking at the "spinning wheel". Highly recommended!

Bernie van Welt
Patrick de Zeeuw

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