Privacy should be a big deal for everyone, and how I deal with your privacy is number one on my list.


Any details that I’ve been given, passwords and systems I know about and have installed, the client information, including telephone numbers, addresses, in-fact any information that has been given to me, directly or indirectly by any of my clients will never be sold or give to any third party.


Cookies are used on this site for various enhancements to the user experience. If you do not wish this site to use any Cookies you can turn them off in your browser.

Website Tracking

This website does not and will never use any tracking features/apps that track any of your personal information. I use Fathom Analytics, a tool that doesn't track or store any of my visitors’ personal information, it just simple helps me understand how to better my site and services.

Private Data

Rest assured that your details are safe and password protected in such a way that there is no way anyone will ever be able to access it without my personal approval. All apps, and Tools I use to store my client's information is privacy and security focused, and also GDPR compliant.

Summing up

I like to make clear that personal information should always be personal and private, and that I take it very seriously.