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"Perfectly optimised our data storage issues... Excellent!!"

Bernie van Welt

"Solved all my business technical issues in a flash"

Jeanette Leopold

"Helped my small business become way more efficient!"

Thomas Kloen

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Hi, I'm Kia

I've been an Apple IT Consultant for the past 28+ years, but for the past few years, I've been providing remote Tech Coaching to business professionals who want less friction with the technology they use.

Questions I Often Get Asked

I'm always available for a chat, whether it's about hiring me or just to say hi 👋

What services do you offer?


My work is to simplify your business, and support you with any Tech or IT issues you may have.

Whether you're starting a business or need to be more productive, this is done in several ways including consulting, coaching, remote support or via my membership program.

It's always best to have a call so we can go through your specific needs so we can come up with the perfect, and personalised solution for you.

Get in touch so we can discuss the perfect solution for you.

How much do you charge?


Well, it depends. I know it's not what you'd like to hear; however, I don't usually charge by the hour.

I prefer to give you a fixed price for the project so we can focus on the project rather than counting hours.

How do we work together?


My work is primarily done remotely via Zoom and using Basecamp as our collaboration and communication tool, also I may use Miro to sketching things out if needed.

Are time zones an issue for you?


Not at all. My clients are all over the place and in many different time zones, so I'm happy to adapt to your schedule if it's needed. Although you may see me in my PJs from time to time ;)

How can I get hold of you?


Thought you'd never ask :) Firstly, we'll hop on a discovery call and talk about your goals and see if I can help you with your objectives. If we're a good match, we can get the ball rolling.

"Great technical business advice when I needed it..."

Rudi Goldman

"iCloud chaos organised... Highly recommended!"

Jasper van Ouwerkerk

"Organised my messy emails & data. Absolutely brilliant..."

Christel Mijers

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