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"Organised my messy emails & data. Absolutely brilliant..."

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Bernie van Welt
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Friday Fury #6 - Your business

Hi 👋, I'm Kia

I've been providing premium support, consulting & tech strategy to professionals and businesses for over 25+ years and I'd be happy to help you simplify.

Kia Kamgar


I'm always available for a chat, whether it's about hiring me or just to say hi 👋

What services do you offer?


My goal is to help you simplify your technology, and support you with any Tech or Apple IT issues you may have.

I do this in several ways:

Remote support

By booking a remote session, I can securely connect to your Mac and support you with any Tech or IT issues you may have.


With a consulting call, we'll go though your Tech issues and find ways to optimise and minimise your workflow so you can be more focused on your work so you can free up your time.


If you're struggling with your Tech  or having issues with organising your workflow, then coaching will help you simplify and save up to 40% of your time during your work day.

The best way to learn more about my services is for us to have a call so we can go through your specific needs and come up with the perfect solution.

How much do you charge?


My pricing structure is straightforward and transparent, and I don't usually charge by the hour.

I prefer to give you a fixed price for the project so we can focus on the project rather than counting hours.

What's your experience?


Tech Minimalism is a framework I've developed over the years to help resolve the fundamental issue many businesses have with lack of time and focus.

You'll find that once you've implemented Tech Minimalism into your workflow, you could save up to 40% of your time that often gets wasted with disorganised data, email and workflow automation.

I've been an Apple IT Consultant for the past 25+ years, and have worked with many different clients.

They've ranged from private individuals who need help with their Apple systems to large organisations installing, consulting and supporting their infrastructure.

My Basecamp experience stems from using the product personally and professionals for many years.

I've helped many organisations implement Basecamp to ease their business workflows which has helped with better team communication,  organisation and client collaboration.

Are time zones an issue for you?


Not at all.

My clients are all over the place and in many different time zones, so I'm happy to adapt to your schedule if it's needed.

How can I get hold of you?


I've found that my client love to hop on a introductory call to talk about their goals and needs,

This would be the best way to learn more about each other and your project.

If we're a good match, we'll set up a discovery session to learn more about the issue and come up with a strategy that'll work best for you.

Bernie van Welt

"Great technical business advice when I needed it..."

Rudi Goldman
Jeanette Leopard

"Solved all my business technical issues in a flash"

Jeanette Leopold
Thomas Kloen

Solved my Mac issue with his special fairy dust!

Patrick de Zeeuw

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