Hi, I'm Kia 👋

I provide premium consulting to professionals and businesses who want to be more productive by implementing Tech Minimalism.

Kia & Woof!

What I can do for you

My primary goal is to simplify and limit the impact your tech has on your life. I do this by working closely with you to create a 'frictionless' experience with your technology.

The less friction you have, the more focused you will become, it's that simple. Saving time, effort and headaches is something we all want in our lives, right?

Life is about living, not spending time on things that don't work. So if you'd like to minimise the impact of tech in your life, let's get started...

Client reviews & testimonials

Being a tech consultant for over 25 years, I’m incredibly humbled to have worked with fantastic clients over the years, this is just a sample of what some say...

Rudi Goldman