I often publish videos, articles and podcasts about Tech Minimalism and how it can help simplify your life.

Things 3 task manager with no tags
When I say I use no tags in my task manager, I really do mean no tags whatsoever! You don't need tags to get stuff done. You only need the right system and app to help you achieve anything you need.
Always be backing up!
When you buy a new hard drive, make sure you buy a second one so you can back up your data.
Simpler. Calmer. Clutter free.
It's not hard to have a clean and clutter-free workspace. You just need to de-clutter and squash bad habits. This is my desktop and Spaces.
HEY! It's not you, it's me!
I was one of the first people on the list when Basecamp announced HEY. I was intrigued, and excited and couldn't wait to get my hand on a simpler email workflow.
Vimeo, and their BS!
I've been using Vimeo to host my videos for many years, and have been happy with their service. I even toyed with their live streaming tier for a while.
Greg Morris Podcast
It's one thing to have your own Podcast where you share your knowledge. But it's another to be asked to go on a Podcast to share who you are (and a little of what you do)
My iPhone Dock
As you know, I don't use a conventional CRM for my business. Yeah, sacrilege if you're running a business! Yet, I've always been able to keep up with my clients and leads with no issues.
Friday Fury: Just ship it!
Is it just me? And I being oversensitive? I don't think so. Why should SaaS companies get away with releasing software and apps under the guise of; 'just ship it', when there are bugs and features missing?!
Basecamp update
Yesterday, Basecamp pushed an update with some really useful tools. A most welcomed feature is called Lineup, where now you can add start and end dates to projects and they show up on the Home Page.
Stop the complexity
We seem to relish complexity. We understand that it’s harmful to us and eats into the finite time we have. But we still pursue this elusive thing called complexity for some reason. Why is that?

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