Happiness is time without friction.

Friction can take away from our well-being and our ability to carry out our day to day duties. My focus is to simplify tech for a frictionless experience.

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Tech Minimalism

Let's get started on making your tech accessible, simple and easy to use without the geek talk, fuss or complexity. Here are my three services...

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At times we often don't realise how much of a mess things are. Identifying it can help you be more productive and organised.

Identify the issues
Plan for simplicity
Execute for success


My three virtual consulting modules will help you get organised and on the way to having your tech simplified.

Apple Unity - Info
Email Harmony - Info
Data Security - Info


Become a Tech Minimalist and kill your tech friction! With my coaching, you'll wonder why you never started earlier.

Simplify your tech
Free up time
Be less stressed

Hi, I'm Kia 👋

Pronounced 'K', it's a long story.

I'm a Tech Minimalist helping professionals and entrepreneurs simplify their tech so that they can focus more time on their clients and business.

I've been a Tech Specialist for 30 years. And for the past 15 years, I've been running my own Apple consulting company called MacJunky.

The picture below is of me and my dog Woof! relaxing on some sand dunes. To me, this is what success looks like.

To truly have time for ourselves, we need to simplify.

Let's connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Kia and Woof!