Tech Minimalism Workshops

Tech Minimalism Workshop

The Tech Minimalism Workshop will show you how to win the endless battle of having too much Tech and not enough time in your life to do the things you want to do.

In this workshop, we'll go over your system, including your emails, files, workflows, automations and everything else and simplify it all so you can you focus better.

The workshop is best suited for entrepreneurs, businesses or professionals who'd like to gain more insight into how to manage their data better and become more successful.

Simplify your workflow

Save time and headaches

Resolve loss of focus

Find the best tools & apps

Create a calmer workplace

Kia has an enviable ability to assist, not just in solving problems, but also coming up with innovative ideas related to the business.

Jeanette Leopold


What’ll be covered in the workshop?


I’ll be going over what Tech Minimalism is and how it can help you simplify your work so you can focus more so you can spend more time on your life and your clients, rather than ‘fighting’ with your tools all the time.

How will the workshop be conducted?


The workshop will be via a Zoom call, and you’ll be sent the details when you have registered for a seat at the workshop.

The call will also be securely recorded via Zoom and emailed to you after the date for future reference.

Will this help me with my IT?



I’ve been in the IT Support industry for the past 28 years, and Tech Minimalism is a combination of what I have learned over the years from observing how my clients work and how I run my own business. So I’m sure you will benefit from the workshop.

What else is included if I book the workshop?


Other than my hospitality, knowledge and maybe a glimpse of my dog Woof! I’ll be giving all who attended the workshop access to a private VIP area where we can continue to discuss Tech Minimalism with others who are also interested in making their lives simple.

When is the next workshop?


There are not workshops planned, however, if you'd like to be notified of one please contact me and let me know.