With Tech Minimalism

Tech Minimalism

Tech Minimalism is a framework I've developed to help resolve the fundamental issue many have with the lack of time and the loss of focus.

Being distracted with complications, notifications and general Tech & IT annoyances that eat into time and profits is never good, so it's time to fix it for the better.

So, resolving the 'lack of time' issue will help you focus more of your time on your business, clients and your life outside of your work, not the annoyances of your Tech.

So, if you're...

Frustrated with your IT & Tech

Searching for a way to work effectively

Annoyed you never have enough time

Looking for a way to be more focused

Unable to figure out the best Tech to use

Let Me Help You Simplify


Do you do workshops about Tech Minimalism?



I host a virtual workshop via Zoom to help people who want to minimise the issues they're having with their Tech.

These workshops are great if you feel that time is running away from you and all you're doing is being busy all the time.

Can you help me with something else?


As a consultant for the past 20+ years, I've had the pleasure in working with amazing people who've helped me understand the diverse ways they need to work.

So, being able to support you with any of your Tech & IT issues shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Can I ask you a quick question?



As well as connecting with me via my contact page, for my coaching clients I have a Membership site where members can ask me anything they need in connection with Tech Minimalism and Tech in general.

What do you charge for your services?


For my Coaching, Workshops and Remote Support services, you'll find the prices on their respective pages.

However, for Consulting and Apple Help, it’s always best to have a call so we can go through your project details together, then I’ll be able to give you a proposal while on the call.

Where can I find out more about Tech Minimalism?


That’s easy!

I publish video and Podcast every weekday where I talk about how you can maximise your time by having less Tech and simplifying your workflow.