It’s ok not to know

We can't all know everything.

Now I'm the kind of person interested in learning and actually like, to be able to do everything myself.

I'm not a control freak. But I enjoy knowing how to do lots of things. But it's okay not to know everything.

There's one thing that I don't know, and I've tried, and I can't get it. So my friend says to me, I can do it, but I'm completely useless!

And that's cooking.


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It's okay. Not to know how to do something. And for me, it's cooking.

For many, it's fixing their car. It's servicing their car. I can do that. I'd rather give it to someone else to do it rather than do it.

And why would I do that is because I want to save time.

I enjoy my work. So I work enough to make money to not waste time on something that I don't need to do because there are professionals who can do it.

It's the same with yeah. Well, I talked about cooking. I can't cook to save my life, even though someone says I can cook. I'm useless.

So I do a lot of takeouts. I love... I make a mean sandwich. I love making sandwiches, but I can't cook. I don't think I'm a good cook. So I rather give that task to someone else.

And it's no different to anything else in your life. I'm in the business of tech. So many of my clients come to me, not that they can't do something, but more a case of just, can you do it for me?

Whether that's their email, issues with their security, problems with the organising and syncing of their devices etc.

They can do these things. I, and I'm sure 90% of my clients, can do these things. And there's a lot of information out there.

I do a lot of videos. There's a lot of videos out there, but people like to save time.

And that's the whole point of what Tech Minimalism is... make sure you do everything so you can have your time because money can be got. You can always make money to some degree.

But we can never find that time back. So services are out there to help you save your time.

Anyway, that's the video today. Have a great day. As always, Keep IT Simple.