Friday Fury newsletter launch!

Friday Fury newsletter launch!
Friday Fury newsletter launch!

I've started a new email newsletter called Friday Fury! 🎉

The first issue is going out later today about those pesky Safari Tab previews in macOS 11 Big Sur!

I used to publish a video series by the same name on my website, but I wanted to serve the content and my subscribers better.

So I decided to spin it off into its own ‘thing’ and create a new type of newsletter where I would highlight the pitfalls of software, who to avoid, and how to find something better.

If you're fed up with high fees, annoying bugs, and lame excuses for support, you're going to LOVE these emails.

We’re always being sold to.

We’re always being told what apps to use.

We’re always being pushed into a service.

How about what apps, services and tools to stay away from? This is the idea behind Friday Fury. So come Monday, you’ll know what to avoid!

🎁 I'm offering you a personal pre-launch discount of 30% on your first years subscription as a thank you for being a valued subscriber. 🎁

If you have any questions about my Friday Fury newsletter, don't hesitate to hit reply and let me know.

Extended offer ends 4/12/20, so hurry!

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