Below are two video guides that'll help you simplify your tech stack so you can be a little more organised and efficient with time in your working day.

Tech Minimalism

Having your tech organised is one of the best ways to create a calmer workday. So here's are the basics of what Tech Minimalism can do for you.

  1. Fixing your email workflow
  2. Organising your documents
  3. Utilising a task manager
  4. Keeping it all in sync
  5. Working better remotely

I hope the videos helped you understand how Tech Minimalism can help you with your workflow. If you'd like to discuss future, don't hesitate to contact me...


This Basecamp guide will help you understand the basics of Basecamp, how to get started and the best setting before you're inundated notifications.

  1. The Philosophy
  2. The Reasons
  3. The Permissions
  4. The Tools
  5. The Footnotes

If you need further help after watching this video guide, I'd be happy to help you and your team with Basecamp, so get in touch...