Apple Unity

You're finding that having your Apple devices working properly and in sync is becoming a nightmare. You just want things to work and be organised so you're not constantly fighting with it all.

Having your Apple devices not working to their full potential is a waste of time, money and resources. We have these devices to help us with our life and work.

- Check iCloud for sync issues
- Organised data and documents
- Keep your devices healthy

Risk free

There's no risk either. If you're not happy during our first remote session, I'll fully refund the purchase for you.

Once you've booked the first session, we'll go over your current system and create a plan to optimise it. And follow up with a second session.

This services includes the following...

- 2 remote sessions
- 30 days of email support
- 100% money back guarantee*

All for only €379*

*All prices exclude Duch taxes at 21%. If you are located outside of NL, the EU or can not provide a valid EU tax number, 21% tax will be added to the invoice. Invoices to be paid in full before the first scheduled session. If your project requires more time, this can be discussed during our call to make arrangements regarding fees and timeline.