The Conversation is [almost] here!

It's started! I'm excited! It's awesome!

Last week I wrote about paying it forward by making a fly-on-the-wall type Conversation for all to listen to. Well, the first episode is almost here.

Also, the awesome response from my network for being part of it has been really encouraging. I now have a long list of people from marketers, productivity experts, COOs, CEOs, tech recruiters and more wanting all wanting to share their knowledge by paying it forward.

This coming Wednesday, I'll be publishing the first episode in the series. It's a great Conversation with Sebestian Ong. He's a Digital Marketer and Strategist in Zurich who I met on Clubhouse. After connecting and having some great conversations on LinkedIn, I thought he'd be an ideal Conversation candidate.

We talk a lot about branding, marketing, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, and various other topics that I'm sure will help you with your marketing efforts. I know I'll be using the great ideas he's come up with!

So stay tuned. It'll be published as a Video and a Podcast on the 7th of April 2021.

Apr 4, 2021