It's time to delete Twitch

I've been using Twitch on and off over the years, and recently I became an 'affiliate' with my gaming channel. But it's time for me to delete Twitch from the list of services I use on the internet.

After hearing that Twitch want to police what you do off of their platform and not only on it, it gave me chills and thinking about what 'big tech' is capable of.

Algorithms NEVER work well, so using it to police everything on the internet is a very BAD idea.

We all know of Youtubers getting their channels wiped off because of algorithms 'thinking' out of context. So what the hell do you think will happen to the internet once they let this loose?!

So the time to fight back with OWNING your own content and data is NOW.

Don't let these large corps. take control of OUR internet
Don't let these large corps. police what you can say off of their platform
Don't let these large corps. steer the internet into a walled garden

So today I deleted my personal account, but I have to contact Twitch directly to delete my affiliate account connected to my gaming channel, which I will do right after I've written this.

Delete Twitch 2.png

Here's my note when I deleted my personal account...

You have no right to police what I do on the internet. I do not accept you should be able to penalise me for something that your algorithm picks up about me that has nothing to do with what I do on your platform.

I do not want to have anything to do with a company or service that thinks they have the 'right' to do this.

Here's a video I made to explain it...

Apr 8, 2021