It doesn't have to be perfect

Some argue that the content, mainly videos, you produce has to be on par with what goes out on TV.

I'm afraid I have to disagree!

I've been told to... 'add music', 'make it in colour', 'add lights' and a plethora of other 'ideas' to make my videos more like others.

Why the HELL would I want to look like someone else?!

Look, when I started to make my videos, it was to prove to myself that I could. When I moved over to making more Tech Minimalism content, the whole 'look' just came together, and who else would rather listen to a bed of sound when they're trying to learn something useful for their business?!

I've been asked about the use of black and white, so here's the deal...

I HATE to colour grade and as I'm no good at it, so making my videos black and white negates the whole 'getting the colour right' thing. Also, black and white films have an air of simplicity, which is what I'm trying to express.

Not everyone has to like it. We make content that we like and in the hope that others enjoy it too. You can't please everyone, and if you try, you'll fail miserably!

What do you prefer, music and cut scenes or pure information delivered unfettered? Let me know I'm genuinely interested.

Mar 22, 2021