Apple Silicon event

Later today Apple will be hosting an event at Apple Park where they'll be revealing the Mac transition to Apple Silicon.‍

Apple Silicon is the name they're using for the new processors inside the next generation Macs.‍

The new processors, will much faster, use less energy, and will run much cooler that the current ones.

Let's break this down...

Leaked data show numbers as high as 50% faster than what we have now. The new MacBook Air looks like will be faster than the current 13" MacBook Pro!

These new processors are the same as the one that are inside you iPhone and iPad and they don't need fans or massive amount of power to run.

In-fact the processor within the new iPad Air that was released a few weeks ago are faster that the current MacBook Air.

The fact that they will run cooler is a big plus. We're all aware of our MacBooks running hot and the fans kicking in and sounding like an airplane.

This won't happen with the new chipset, as they'll be able to run much cooler, which can help them run faster and for a longer period.

Leave me a comment below with your thoughts on what you believe they'll be revealing and whether you're going to buy one when they're released.

You can watch the event live via the Apple website at 19:00 CET.

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Nov 10, 2020