Apple IT support

Apple IT support

My Apple support service is a perfect option for professionals, businesses, teams, startups, MKBs, SMEs and ZZP’ers.

If you work for yourself or have a business, but often encounter questions or problems you need a service that can be available at all times to help you resolve the issue as quickly as possible with the minimum of fuss.

Here are just some of the ways I can help your business...

Professional support, always

Advice on the purchasing

Consulting to get the right solution

Support when it's needed

Training to help you and your team


What kind of business clients do you support?
The types of business I support is hugely varied. It ranges from all kinds of companies, freelancers, SMEs, ZZP'ers, MKBs, anything from graphic designers, doctors, accountants, bloggers, comedians and everything in-between, so I'm sure your business will fit right in with MacJunky.

Can you come to our office to help?
For sure! The best way I have found to support a business is to see their setup so I can understand how things are currently and go from there. There is no point second-guessing a solution without getting some background.

Do you also provide continuous support?
Definitely! For any partnership, there should always be a continuous connection and communication. So no matter how small the first project will be, I keep records and touch base frequently to make sure everything is working the way it should be at your business.

What technologies can you help us with?
Although I'm an Apple IT Consultant (and MacJunky!), I also am fully versed with cloud-based solutions like G Suite, Dropbox, Box, Office and so on, so depending on the issue, I have a toolbox full of information that I can help your business.

Are you able to help us remotely if we need it?
Absolutely! Once I have enough information about the issue, we can book a Remote Session to go through the issue together. Also, once we have established a working relationship, I will keep an eye on issues and help accordingly.

Client list

My client list is quite varied, and I support Businesses, freelancers, SMEs, ZZP'ers, MKBs. I would be happy to discuss options for you so that you can increase your productivity and ease you into a calmer work environment.